Eliot Allsop

“The body as extreme metaphor, a screen for our unrealisable imaginings. The nature of which remains always hidden always remote, cold and alien. Personal history dissappearing as post human images supplant our human memories. New myths unfolding from the wreckage of meaning. Having no face it reflects only our wish to see, to know ourselves in the world.

The world we imagine to exist for us alone, impossible to imagine without us. An alien form rejecting any such attempts at revelation. Only the space between approachable and only in the most vague and shadowy form. The familiar becoming a stranger to us speaking of all we do not and cannot know. From these futile attempts at comprehension the body awaits to be created anew by the sheer force of our imaginings. To be seen again with new born eyes.”

with kindest regards,
Eliot Allsop


All works are pencil on paper

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