Tanya Janssen

It is always the real that the artist depicts- even when he does not paint it as it appears in the eyes of others. The artist is not an accountant but a storyteller, he is not responsible for physical accuracy but a singer of poetic exaltation. And from then on, under his pen or brush or points, visions are born much more than views, adventure stories much more than record of endorsements…

Far from being antinomic to the image, imagination frees it from the shackles of appearances. This is how it is with Tanya Janssen.
Colors sometimes raw. Chromatic contrasts inducing distancing and dissonances. Perspectives disturbing the square. Atmospheres marked by absence and anxiety. And sometimes, streaked with gray, screams from the depths. All her work imbued with terror, not to indulge but to ward her off.

It is not here that chamomile is served. However, if the artist shocks, it is not to break the conveniences­ but to summon courage…



paintings / drawings

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